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We believe that donating ones hair is a very special gift to a person in need.

To make a hair donation to help make a high quality human hair wig, it must be:

Tied, dried and cut in 9+ inch in lengths. Preferably 12+ inch lengths.

Clean dry virgin hair (No dyes, chemical highlights or color) no more than 5% gray.

Color treated hair can not used for these reasons: 
1: Matching hair color so that it blends and looks uniform in texture and color.
2: The tinsel strength of the hair is to weak to withstand the wig process.

To donate one’s hair please have hair cut in a ponytail or a braid. 
Place hair in a zip lock bag then place it in a padded envelope & mailed to:


One Life’s Journey

PO Box 1901

Euless, TX 76039-1910


One Life’s Journey would like to recognize the donation of hair so please send in the donation form with the hair, even though the donation form is not mandatory for the hair to be used to benefit someone else.  If you would like to show others how Looking Good is Doing Good, please email One Life’s Journey before and after pictures to

Donation Form

Thank you for your interest in donating to One Life’s Journey. 
We strive to provide needed services to those going through life’s most difficult challenges. Your donation is extremely important and will help one's life journey help one need. 
As a new 501C3 we have set forth strong goals on how to impact the most people in need. 

At the present time, 80 cents on every dollar goes directly to provide high quality products or services for those in need. 
We are constantly looking at ways to improve processes and reduce cost so we can move to a 90/10 organization
with hopes to on one day being a 100% donation non-profit. 

If you see ways we can improve or items you would like to know more about, please contact one of our board members.  Again, transparency is our goal in all we do.


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