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Whether donating time, hair or money, your One donation is extremely important and needed.  One Life’s Journey is transparent in how donations are used and we strive to provide the highest quality self-image products on the market for persons in need.  If you are interested in donating but have questions about us, please send us an email.  If you know someone in need, please click here to provide that information.




One person can make such a difference
in another’s’ life and well as in this
organization.  We love volunteers who are passionate about helping.  We can use volunteers to help educate and reach out to others including potential One Salons.  We need volunteers to help organize events in their communities.  We need volunteers to provide professional services such as stylists to cut and color wigs. If you are interested in any of these or other areas, please complete our volunteer application today.


One’s attitude directly impacts one's ability to get back when feeling overwhelmed by life challenges.  One Life’s Journey's mission of Looking Good is Doing Good gives One the ability to feel better by increasing One’s outward self-image.  Education is provided through videos on numerous areas including One Life’s Journey's mission and One Salon videos on how to donate hair and helping persons dealing with hair loss.



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