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One is a charitable organization formed by cancer survivor, Lisa Gibson.
Lisa experienced the importance of self-image and maintaining a positive attitude while going through one of her life’s most difficult journeys.  Lisa personally learned first-hand the difficulties of going through cancer treatment when she was confronted face to face with “Looking in the mirror and seeing I had no hair. That was the worst I felt”-Lisa.

As a boutique owner Lisa knew that looking better always made her feel better. In her journey,
Lisa set out to find prosthesis to help her with her self-image, Unable to find a wig that felt and looked like her own hair. Lisa refused to give up. She eventually found a wig that felt and looked like her real hair. Excited to share her knowledge Lisa started offering the wigs and prosthesis to her friends in similar need. During this journey she also found that helping others that were in need, gave her a renewed since of purpose. Since not all of her friends could afford both treatment and prosthesis.
Lisa soon realized she needed a way to fund her effort.


“After what we had all been through I didn’t think it was fair that some of my friends had to choose between medicine and makeup.”-Lisa

With that in mind in August 2013 Lisa (with a little help from her friends) formed One with the
simple notion that we are all one, and together we can help make each other feel whole again. Through education and sharing her stories about the emotional benefits of how restoring one’s
outward appearance restores one’s inner self-confidence to fight on. One now raises funds to educate, purchase prosthesis and even fund reconstruction surgery for persons in need in order
to give them back the one thing medicine cannot. Self image. 


One’s mission is to connect donors with patients in a one to one relationship: Allowing them to see the immediate benefit of their contribution. Donors can donate their hair to make wigs for friends in need or simply by getting their hair done at a One sponsor salon, a donation is made to One for them.

“ So just by looking good you’re doing good”. –Lisa Gibson One founder

Lisa Gibson

Cancer Survivor


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