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Hair War

One Salon stylist going head to head to create the best looks all to support One Life’s Journey. 
This exciting event creates interest around Looking Good Is Doing Good.  If your community has interest in seeing a Hair War, email us today for an event packet.

Celebrity Shave Day

Fun filled event to get your hospital, company or organization to promote Looking Good Is Doing Good. During this event, the selected celebrities agree to a set price on their hair, literally. If target amount is reached the celebrities agree to shave their heads.  To bring this event to your organization, email us today.

Look Good, Do Good.

Samson VS Delilah Hair War

Bring Looking Good is Doing Good to the college experience by nominating the one person who agrees to be the ultimate target or for us the ultimate celebrity.  By educating others on the need to help others, the Greek system can raise money as well as hair donations.  This is a month long promotion that has the ability to touch so many.  Email us with your school information to receive more information or  to schedule this event for spring 2018.

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